Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEOAre you wondering why you should adapt your SEO to mobile devices? Simply because online stores do not adapt their websites to these portable devices within two years they will find difficulty in competing. The reasons?

According to the “2013 Mobile SEO ConsultantMobile Moxie” Digital Future in Focus” presented by comScore is leading penetration rate of smartphones. Specifically, 2012 closed with a penetration rate of 63% of which 89% of users claim to use these devices to connect to the Internet every day.

As for the tablets occupy the eighth position in the world ranking with a penetration rate of 24%. The growth of these devices has been historic and never before seen in our country.

Regarding the web traffic from these devices as you can imagine the trend is also growing. In 2012 more than it doubled for the fourth year from the previous year and this growth is expected to remain in 2013.

In terms of buying habits (according to data from Google itself) 88% of users seeking information via their mobile devices: restaurants, bars, clothing stores etc. and what is more interesting: 57% of these users just later visiting the company.

Another very significant fact is that it is estimated that 53% of men and 38% of women claim to use your mobile device in the stores themselves to find better alternatives and an estimated 20% have finished changing their buying decision to check that there were more cost-effective alternatives. The latter is the developer and conveys the need to work our mobile SEO.

Why not useful for normal SEO Smartphones?

Because users of these devices have completely different users who connect through a monitor needs.

Smartphones have limitations that do not have the desktop. For example, the screen is much smaller speed considerably slower load, lack an acceptable mouse and keyboard and users can be performing other tasks while navigating with your Smartphone: talk, walk down the street , etc. cooking. These limitations make the patience of these users is reduced to a minimum. Therefore, pages not adapted to these devices or with extremely slow cargo will reduce the average visit time and increase the bounce rate.

Another reason we should be concerned mobile SEO is that search engines are different for this kind of devices. Search engines like Google have created versions adapted to mobile (in the case of Google is known as Google Mobile.

As Google itself indicates in its official blog for webmasters Google robot crawls mobile specific content for these devices. The Google mobile robot uses several User-agent literals, all with the format [Name of the phone] (compatible; Googlebot-Mobile / 2.1; + To decide what content should be served, you need to assess what website content works best with your phone or telephone numbers on the User-agent literal. You can find a complete list of robot User-agent Google Mobile.

Can you do SEO for mobile?

Mobile SEO COMPANY can not be the same as traditional SEO company. The specific needs of these devices lead to a change of priorities.

The keywords are still important in the mobile SEO services. However they lost relevance over other aspects discussed below. In some devices in which writing is more complicated than in a desktop you must choose words short, concise and a few key characters.

On the content, it must be much more concise and relevant. And, of course, watch the font size. If as a user you do not like your Smartphone to get a totally unreadable page you also should avoid making this mistake.

Generates a mobile Sitemap to provide search engine understanding of your mobile website.

Usability becomes a critical element in mobile SEO. Simple and usable web pages create a good user experience and get lower bounce rate, increasing the average time of visit and number of page views. You want to improve your usability to improve SEO for mobile?

First, adapt your website to various mobile devices. Are the options? Responsive Web Design, have a website dedicated exclusively to mobile devices and the Dynamis Serving (if you want more information do not miss this article about mobile web development).

Your content, as mentioned above, should be concise and have a size of acceptable bill. Create short messages, optimized word for word what you want to convey.

Minimizes the steps to follow to reach your goal. If your goal is for the user to purchase a particular product minimizes the number of clicks you have to do from entering your website until the end of the process. Each additional click increases the chances that the user abandons the purchase.

The buttons have to be large and easy to press to prevent the user from accidentally.

Shall we start?

Mobile SEO

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